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Here be Angels

Choral Cantata

Choir: SSAATTBB + Organ (ad lib)

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First performed:

Saturday, March 28, 1998

1. The Celestial Hierarchy, 2. Of Angels, Names and Pins, 3. The Rebel Angels. Setting words from a wide range of sources, this cantata explores medieval attitues to angels, with descriptions of the heavenly hierarchy from De Celestia Hierarchia, the controversy over how many angels could stand on the head of a pin, the lists of angels' names from The Book of Enoch and Milton's descripton of Satan and the Rebel Angels. The Libretto for the final movement, 'The Rebel Angels', the composer's adaption of passages from Milton's Paradise Lost, was published in the poetry magazine 'This Is'. Commissioned by the Crouch End Festival Chorus. "Hugill's inventive Here be Angels" - Rick Jones, London Evening Standard, March 1998

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